Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason!

Happy Birthday Mason! This time last year I had no idea how much a little, tiny person could so easily and lovingly become the center of our universe. He is the world to us. His smile brightens our day, his laughter makes our worries go away. He adores us and we adore him. He is such a happy little guy. So easy going, easy to smile, clap his hands, giggle and throw his arms up. It's like he picks up something new each and every day. It's amazing to see him grow.

I just wish time would slow down just a tiny bit. It's all going by way to fast.

I can't believe this time last year he was just a few hours old. I remember a time when I had no clue what I was going to do with this tiny baby boy. I had no idea how to change a diaper, give a bath, make a bottle, soothe a tummy ache or a bad dream. I was clueless on how to care for another human. Now I feel like it's second nature. It's almost if I can read little Mason's mind. I know when he has a fever just by looking at his eyes, I know if he's sleepy by the way he pulls his ear. I know his different cries, so I can tell when he is scared, hungry, teething or just tired and wanting his mommy.

Travis has been the best father. He's changed more diapers than I have and not once has he ever complained about getting up in the middle of the night, either to sit and talk while I was breastfeeding, or give a bottle or just hold little Mason. He spends so much time with Mason and I could not have asked for a more supportive father. This past year has been both the best and most challenging of our marriage. Mason has made us a family and that is an amazing feeling. However, handling a new little person and figuring out how to be husband and wife not just mommy and daddy is difficult, especially when you are just exhausted cause you aren't getting a lot of sleep. Travis and I are so very different and stubborn. We like to get our way, especially when it comes to what we think is best for Mason. There's not a lot of compromising going on, but we are getting better. We are not often on the same page and that has taken some getting used to.

Bottom line, we both love Mason more than life itself, and that's a pretty awesome feeling. I guess that's really the only thing we need to have in common in order to raise a wonderful young man. That plus our faith, which has carried us both through hard times and made the good times, the wonderful times that much more special. God you are AWESOME. I prayed to you every night when I was pregnant. Most often times I was sitting on the shower floor, begging you to help me be a good mom. I also selfishly begged you to help me loose the 80+ pounds I had gained during the pregnancy. I said Your name over and over during our c-section, thanking you for this gift, thanking you for a miracle we had waited three years for. Well, God, thank you for answering my prayers and for our little man, Mason. Happy Birthday, little baby boy!!!


Tracy and William Polk said...

Happy Birthday Mason. We love you!!!
Love Aunt Tracy, Uncle PoPolk, and Sydney

Julee H. Nappier said...

So sweet! Happy B'day big boy!